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Aftergrass 2011
Hiya all, hopefully you've been checking our Facebook page for daily updates and all that jazz. We've been playing a few gigs here and there the most recent of which was the 4th of July in Telluride. We've got new songs and are in the midst of working on a new CD. Our bass player, Bob, is moving to Denver at some point (although he seems to be stickin around for now) so we're a bit up in the air over that, but we will forage ahead into the berries. August 26-28th is the Silverton Jamboree where we'll be playing with the Motet, A-Dub-Rock Band and many others. This is an awesome festival, don't miss it! I'm pursuing my solo "douchebag with a guitar & looper" project and you can catch me around Durango from time to time. Check my website to listen or download songs. Thanks for stickin with us over all these years, it's a fun ride aye?

written by: eric
posted on: July 08, 2011
I wrote and recorded this the other day.. Hopefully Aftergrass will be playing it soon.

written by: eric
edited on: April 13, 2011
Great times in the last few days. Weds found us in Telluride jammin at the Buck to a rowdy crowd of pre-newyear maniacs. Getting out of Telluride was a little tricky and the entire state got a bit whammo'd with snow. We did manage to get over to Salida for New Years Eve where we played a fun show at the Vic. Following that, we just didn't quite feel like leaving the warm cuddly embrace of the vic, so we played again on Saturday. We kept it to a short and mellow set of rather obscure tunes we don't often play (because they're mellow? sure)
written by: eric
posted on: January 02, 2011
Happy New Year
We are really looking forward to 2011. We've got a new CD in the works. We're heading over to Telluride this evening followed by New Years Eve in Salida. On Jan 12th we bring the party to Gunnison, always a wonderful time. Check back for news.

written by: eric
posted on: December 29, 2010
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